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 My journey towards sustainable living began in 1969 when I first traveled to Europe, Africa and Asia.  I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada.  That first trip abroad opened my eyes to the amazing variety of choices we have when it comes to living on the earth.  I also discovered how much of our current civilization is derived from those who have come before us, stretching back thousands of years.

At some point I realized that I was actually living in the dreams of my ancestors.  All the forms and the content making up my social experience had started out as 'mere' thoughts, ideas and desires in the minds of other human beings who had left the scene long ago.  The combination of the creative impulse of a human being and the receptive nature of the universe, expressed over time, has resulted in modern technology, agriculture, transportation, cities, educational institutions, fashion and all the other attributes of North American life in the 21st century.

Simultaneous with that realization came the next: I could dream up new ways of being, new ways of living and even new ways of perceiving.  Reality was not rigid and unchanging, but amorphous, mysterious, full of incredible potential.  I was no longer a victim of circumstances, but a co-creator of my own experience.  I was ready to dive right in and start experiencing!!

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